COMET Standard – Code and Pledge

The COMET Code

The COMET code is a pledge to implement and maintain the COMET standard within an organization.

About the COMET Code

The Comet Standard represents a collaborative effort by industry stakeholders to establish a unified data standard for comics products sold in the direct market, focusing on standardized data format, content, and product categorization. This initiative aims to set clear expectations and uniformity across the industry, ensuring a consistent approach to how comics products are handled and classified.

By endorsing the Comet Code, companies commit to prioritizing data compliance, understanding the resource and time investments required to align with the standard. Signatories agree to work towards achieving progressive milestones in data quality, acknowledging the Comet Standard as a dynamic framework that will evolve through continuous collaboration. This commitment extends to regularly updating company processes to stay in line with the standard’s developments, recognizing the overall benefit of standardized, accurate data for all direct market participants, including customers, retailers, software vendors, distributors, and publishers.

The COMET Code is a pledge to implement the standards within COMET, and to help move the industry forward by supporting the adoption of the COMET Standard.


Companies that have pledged to The Comet Code

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